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With the agricultural and forestry industry growth of nowadays, our administration invested in the separation of the activities performed by our teams, separating the construction from the agricultural / forestry work, creating AGRO NSL, which already has the experience and know-how of our teams and partners.


Be a market benchmark by the excellence and professionalism in the execution of our services, winning the recognition of our costumer's, employees and partners.


The AGRO NSL's main objective is total customer satisfaction, strictly performing all jobs that are proposed, contributing to a higher level in the cultures implementation, ensuring the desired profitability.


The company sustains its actions in values such as:
Mutual Growth, believing in our growth aside with ourcostumer's growth;
Responsibility, vocation to act and honor our commitments;
Excellence, in the way we run our services;
Trust and Respect, by customers, suppliers, partners and employees.


Forest cleanings

We provide all types of forest cleaning services, using mechanical and specialized equipment for clearing work, reusing the clearing residues in organic matter, fertilizing the soil.

Roots / stump pullout

Using mechanical means, we execute the extraction of stumps and roots in any type of soil, performing a general cleaning and initiating the preparation to further cultures.


Disruption of soil horizons in depth in order to facilitate root growth without producing alterations in their arrangement. The number and the length of teeth used in the riper should always be according to the soil structure.


It is a cut in the soil and total or partial incorporation of vegetation and forest residues inside it, using a grid. Harrowing is done to decompress the soil. Ripping and harrowing must be performed simultaneously.


Drainage ditches construction with or without stone in order to facilitate water drainage from land, guaranteeinga rigorous planting and allowing a healthy growth of crops without excessive accumulation of water.

Plantation and ridges construction

The satellite planter machine has the ability to obtain a high quality of work and efficiency. The machine has the ability to develop four operations: 1) Land marking, Stakeout (satellite); 2) Plantation; 3) Tutor Making Plant; 4) Plant irrigation (optional).

Irrigation systems

Agro NSL, has also extended its activity to the implementation of irrigation systems, from the source to the final destination, accomplishing all demands in youragricultural and forestry project, with a wide experience in irrigation systems (EDIA).


Building facilities to support all the irrigation system equipments, such as "pumps, filters, circuit panels", facilities to house farming machinery and animals and other type of warehouse. Made from masonry or metallic structures.

Charcas water

We build your pond / dam inside of your property, with the possibility of isolation to a more efficient use of the most important resource for agriculture "water".


Forest cleanings


Roots / stump pullout

Ferreira do Alentejo

Roots / stump pullout


Ripping and harrowing


Charcas water


Irrigation system



  • March 2017

    Participação in exhibition FRUTITEC, 10-12 March, Batalha

  • October 2016

    Participation in exhibition Portugal Agro 2016, Lisboa

  • October 2016

    Participation in exhibition Fruit Attraction 2016, Madrid

  • May 2016

    Application submitted to funding project from PORTUGAL2020


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